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Only 12% of patients are aware of research for their disease

WeHealth partners with researchers to find the specific patients who meet the criteria to participate.

It takes underserved patients 7 years on average to find a diagnosis

WeHealth partners with advocacy groups to identify undiagnosed patients with symptoms that typically lead to diagnosis.

50% of research is shuttered due to inability to find patients

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I was diagnosed at the age of 27, after nearly 10 years of untreatable diabetes and a number of other things. I was treated with the wrong medications and fought for doctors to l​​ook for the answers. We went to several doctors before finally getting one to listen. By this time my body was shutting down and the diabetes was taking over.


I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2014. After chemotherapy, two mastectomies, and reconstruction, I had no evidence of disease for one year. I decided to go flat in 2016. I now have metastatic breast cancer in my liver, lungs and bones.  I’m excited about being part of a global campaign that can potentially help many men and women; I’m truly excited to help other cancer patients through this type of media!


My hope is that no one touched by my disease will ever have to walk this path alone. I have met some amazing people in my journey and it is time to share our knowledge and our strength. I consider myself Blessed to see us United!

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